Calgary Arts Development plays a leadership role in realizing the potential of arts and culture in Calgary. As the city's designated arts development authority, we are a central hub that learns about, promotes, connects, advocates for and leads strategic initiatives in the arts to animate Calgary as a vibrant cultural centre.

Prior to March 2005, Calgary didn’t have a designated authority for the development for the arts. Calgary Arts Development was formed in March 2005, as directed by the 2004 Civic Arts Policy. Calgary’s civic leadership is serious about the arts playing a central role in our city’s future – they recognize that a vibrant arts scene is essential to quality of life, and by extension, is fundamental to our city’s overall success. Calgary Arts Development will add to the quality of life in Calgary by ensuring that:

  • Calgarians have a multitude of opportunities to engage in creative pursuits as artists, students and as patrons
  • Calgary is an environment in which artists truly thrive: learning here, building lengthy careers here & moving here.
  • Calgary develops an authentic reputation as an inclusive, innovating and culturally vibrant city

Building Calgary’s reputation
Calgary has cultural strengths and a critical mass of artists, arts organizations and creative businesses. Calgary Arts Development will enhance Calgary’s reputation by celebrating and increasing awareness of these strengths. We will highlight and communicate local success stories in Calgary.

Fostering engagement
We will increase awareness of Calgary’s arts scene to foster citizen engagement. Calgarians have told us that they want to know more about Calgary’s arts scene; we’ll connect Calgarians with their city, increasing participation in creative activities.

Creating connections
We work on behalf of all Calgarians by collaborating with the arts community, artists, corporations, all levels of government, educational institutions, foundations and non-profits. We connect artists with arts supporters to foster the development of new arts initiatives and can understand and amplify the views of artists in developing an environment in which arts can thrive. We also work closely with Calgary’s other development authorities to coordinate our efforts to enhance the city’s overall quality of life.

Encouraging strategic investment
Calgary Arts Development encourages strategic investment in the arts to enhance Calgary’s quality of life in the long term. Investments in the arts help develop our local economy’s overall creative capacity and assist the city in attracting and retaining talented citizens. Since we’re based in one of Canada’s most innovative (entrepreneurial) cities, we will act as an innovation lab, building ongoing support for the arts in the form of innovative financial investment opportunities, capacity-building programs and policy recommendations. We will research, create and communicate compelling business cases that catalyze support for the arts.

Realizing the potential of arts and culture in Calgary
Calgary Arts Development increases the profile of the arts in the city through strategic initiatives, projects, research and programs.

Download the attachment below to learn more about what we call the Five Pillars for Arts Development.

Calgary Arts Development champions the arts as a key driver of Calgary’s quality of life.

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