A psychedelic image of a band playing.

BIG Winter Classic

It might be called the BIG Winter Classic but unexpected balmy weather might make what was gearing up to be a frozen musical treat extra sweet. Check out this stellar weekend full of live local music.

A choir performs amongst lush greenery.

Why We Are Here!

A unique and stand-alone experience, Why We Are Here! invites audience members to become a choir to sing in a site that they would not normally be able to perform in.

Raghav & Guests head to the Bella this January | Photo: Courtesy of MRU Conservatory

Raghav & Guests

Bringing together independent Canadian singer/songwriter Raghav and a stellar group of guests, this concert is a highlight in Mount Royal University Conservatory’s Northern Lights Series.

St. Lawrence String Quartet | Photo: Leonardo Mascaro

St. Lawrence String Quartet

Serving as Stanford University’s Residence Ensemble, join Grammy-nominated St. Lawrence String Quartet as Calgary Pro Musica’s 40th concert season enters 2017 with its exceptional lineup.

The Alley Shadows’ Gus Moberg | Photo: Mark Adam

The Alley Shadows

Highly focused on the element of improvisation, The Alley Shadows have combined the atmosphere of Tom Waits with the spice of jazz improvisation and the darkness of Scandinavian winter.

Join Timepoint Ensemble for a program made up entirely of Calgary premieres | Photo: Courtesy of Timepoint Ensemble


Boasting a program made up entirely of Calgary premieres, Timepoint Ensemble presents an opportunity to hear work from two of France’s most prolific composers.

Detour de Force features the voices of Laura Hynes and Audrey Luna | Photo: Courtesy of The School of Creative and Performing Arts

Detour de Force

From fantastical magic creatures to twisted fairy tales and nightmares, acclaimed soprano duo Detour de Force presents an evening of dreamscape repertoire at the University of Calgary.

Check out Soul Unlimited: Stevie Wonder to Ray Charles this weekend at the Calgary Phil | Photo: Courtesy of CPO

Soul Unlimited

Do you like good music? Then you need to check out this upcoming concert as the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra tackles some sweet soul music with The Ambassador of Soul, Ellis Hall.

Arts Commons Presents The Blues: Reverend Peyton's Porch Sessions | Photo: Courtesy of Arts Commons

Reverend Peyton’s Porch Sessions

An intimate concert full of fantastic storytelling and amazing songs, don’t miss Reverend Peyton’s Porch Sessions as it comes to Arts Commons this January.