Architecture and National Identity: The Centennial Projects 50 Years On

Exhibitions May 2017

May is filled with tons of great visual arts exhibitions but where this month really shines is in its additional programming. It’s a great time to head to Calgary’s museums.

Illustration of a muse

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An evening of theatre and chamber music, the Mountain View Connection Concert Series delves into the life of Misia Sert, patron of the arts and pupil of composer Gabriel Fauré.

Poster for Dinner by Design's Cocktail Art

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Bringing together design, cuisine, art, and culture, Dinner By Design returns for the third consecutive year featuring two evenings of unique creations and fantastical tablescapes.

Poster for Sound of the Hollow

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Mount Royal Artio Choir pushes the boundaries of choral performance by combining music, Japanese Taiko drumming, dynamic visuals, and choreography.

Photo of En el Patio de Sevilla

En el Patio de Sevilla

Influenced by a festive passage made of song and dance, head down the garden path to Evergreen Theatre for this evening filled with live flamenco dance, music, and song.

Poster for Film & Fantasy

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Join Mount Royal Kantorei for a musical journey from far, far away galaxies to middle-earth. With songs made familiar through pop culture, this concert will be choral treat for genre and classical fans alike.

Calgary Multicultural Choir performs

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Paying homage to Canada’s multicultural mosaic, join the Calgary Multicultural Choir as it toasts Canada 150 with a program inspired by our provinces.

Photo from The Laws of Thermodynamics

The Laws of Thermodynamics

When the end of the world came, it was not by fire or flood or climate change or a meteor from space. It wasn’t even revenge. Scorpio Theatre explores the end of the world with Cat Walsh’s haunting play.