The High Performance Rodeo’s 10-Minute Play Festival is always a great time and a highlight every January | Photo: Chantal Wall

Winter Festival Guide 2017

We might be in the full throws of winter but that doesn’t mean we need to resign ourselves to the snow and the dark. Calgary’s festivals move indoors this season with these amazing offerings.

A young man in a white shirt and suit jacket.

Jan Lisiecki

Known for his insightful interpretations and refined technique, Calgary-born Jan Lisiecki returns for this impressive concert at Mount Royal University’s Bella Concert Hall.

A black and white image of a man wearing sunglasses behind a large movie camera.

Masters: Wim Wenders

One of the leading figures of New German Cinema, Wim Wenders’ first two decades of work concentrates on the themes of time, roadways, Americana, and ghosts of cinema past.

A psychedelic image of a band playing.

BIG Winter Classic

It might be called the BIG Winter Classic but unexpected balmy weather might make what was gearing up to be a frozen musical treat extra sweet. Check out this stellar weekend full of live local music.

DJD presents Juliet & Romeo as part of the 2017 High Performance Rodeo | Photo: Trudie Lee

Juliet & Romeo

We all know the famous story of two star-crossed lovers, but trust us when we say you’ve never experienced it quite like this before. Using live music and dance, don’t miss DJD’s re-envisioned telling.

A choir performs amongst lush greenery.

Why We Are Here!

A unique and stand-alone experience, Why We Are Here! invites audience members to become a choir to sing in a site that they would not normally be able to perform in.

Portraits in Motion | Photo: Franz Ritschel

Portraits in Motion

Bridging visual and performing art, Germany’s Volker Gerling brings a selection of his favourite flip books to life. See this unique work on the Theatre Junction GRAND stage at this year’s High Performance Rodeo.

Raghav & Guests head to the Bella this January | Photo: Courtesy of MRU Conservatory

Raghav & Guests

Bringing together independent Canadian singer/songwriter Raghav and a stellar group of guests, this concert is a highlight in Mount Royal University Conservatory’s Northern Lights Series.

An old woman in a hat and jacket stands on a cluttered stage.

Cathy Jones: Stranger to Hard Work

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll probably laugh so hard you make yourself cry… but that’s just to be expected as Cathy Jones takes the stage at ATP.