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Through our role as community leader, Calgary Arts Development enables local artists, groups and businesses by connecting them to information vital to creating art and living creative lives. This includes fostering collaborative relationships and making the arts integral to the lives of Calgarians.

One way Calgary Arts Development raises the value of the arts and artists in our community is by running a variety of programs and initiatives that engage Calgarians as arts champions and increase capacity for the arts sector.

They include:

Engagement programs broaden the circle of arts champions and build momentum for the future by raising the value of the arts for Calgarians. These broader touch points with the public give greater meaning and value to our direct investments in Calgary’s arts community.


Access to affordable and suitable space is essential for a healthy arts community. Arts spaces are needed for every link in the “value chain” from creation space, rehearsal space, production space, warehouse and storage space and office space through to presentation and performance space.

This arts spaces ecosystem supports all disciplines in the sector, including dance, film, literary arts, music, new media, theatre, and visual arts. It supports community arts, professional arts and education in the arts.

Calgary Arts Development runs a variety of initiatives that support artists’ and arts organizations’ access to space including:

Resource Links

Calgary Arts Development is pleased to share links to external resources in the following categories:

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