North Haven — South Nose Hill Entrance Mural

Community-Initiated Microgrant 2021

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Coming Soon

The Project

The North Haven Community Association plans to contract an Indigenous artist to design a mural referencing the Indigenous history of Nose Hill and install it at the pedestrian tunnel entrance to the North Haven community.

This project is still in development.

The 2021 Community-Run Microgrant

This project was funded as part of the 2021 Community-Run Microgrant. Calgary Arts Development invited proposals for community-initiated public art projects in 2021. Community groups could apply for up to $10,000 from a total funding pool of $100,000, to hire local artists for eligible projects. Funding for this one-time program was provided through the Government of Alberta and The City of Calgary.

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North Haven — South Nose Hill Entrance Mural

Project Completion:

Est. Summer 2023