A photo of sketches made at the Johnston Canyon Upper Water Falls by Jessica Semenoff

#yycLCL August 2021

After a tragic year reignited her focus on her art career, Jessica Semenoff shared this awesome capture of a painting she made on a solo hike.

Stella Ben sitting next to a computer with film editing software on the screen

Episode 21

This city is bursting with creativity! Adora Nwofor sits down with some amazing Calgary creatives and gets a behind-the-scenes look at their process.

A promo photo of Perpetual Atife with her saxophone

Perpetual Atife

Perpetual Atife is constantly carving expressive means to weave pieces of her life’s experiences and dreams into an open box of treasure—her music.

Keshia leads Quest Theatre campers through a scene

#yycLCL July 2021

Capturing a creative moment during summer camp, Quest Theatre shared this photo of instructor Keshia leading a group of campers through a scene.

A photo of Pushkala Subramani in front of a fountain

Pushkala Subramani

For Pushkala Subramani, creativity is like a bud that is inside all of us. With children, its bursting to blossom—all it takes is a kindling of self-confidence.

Adeola “Tola” Adedipe and Adora Nwofor talk poetry and identity on a park bench

Episode 20

Join Adora Nwofor as she celebrates Calgarians who are living authentic lives and pursuing dreams through community and creativity.


Wordfest CEO and creative ringleader Shelley Youngblut has been driven by connection her entire career, from her time as a magazine editor to now hosting events for Wordfest.

The literary festival has upped its production punch and broadened its event offerings in recent years, even during the COVID-19 pandemic with the launch of Imagine on Air, the world’s first literary streaming channel.

Read more about Shelley Youngblut and other arts leaders who are creating meaningful opportunities for Calgarians to connect with the arts, the city, each other and the world on our website (link in bio).

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🧜‍♀️🐠🌊 I’m in creation mode. There is no plan and no concept. I’m simply doing the things that energize me in the studio and I’ll see where it leads. Right now, I’m enjoying the beauty of colour. That’s it.

What do these colours remind you of?

made with stonegroundpaintco metallic watercolours. brittneytoughart
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