Image of a group of soapstone cast quails

#yycLCL January 2023

Moe Bader is a local visual artist exploring a broad range of styles and mediums including watercolour, acrylic painting and most recently soapstone sculpting and casting. He enjoys using vibrant colours to bring out emotional responses and is inspired by the mountains, beautiful landscapes, Canadian wildlife and people.

An image of mushroom by Julya Hajnoczky

#yycLCL December 2022

Artist Julya Hajnoczky documents the ecosystem, providing a glimpse of the things that live and grow together, especially the tiny things that often go unnoticed, and the deep connections that sustain them.

Image of two collages by Claudia Lorenz

#yycLCL November 2022

Local mixed media and collage artist Claudia Lorenz is inspired by themes of home, memories from childhood, feelings of belonging and melancholy. Here she gives us insight into her art making process.

Image of the The Driftwood Raven by Kara Rowley

#yycLCL October 2022

Kara Rowley, a teacher and artist who’s passion is finding a way to capture an animal’s essence with her driftwood-inspired paintings, shared this piece on Instagram.


Only15 days left, and no this is no joke. Applications are Open until April 15th! Need help with the application process or maybe some inspiration for a story? Email us and also check out or foling inspiration posts.

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Dream big. // The success of our studio is built on creative collaborations. For our ongoing exhibit renewal project at the yukonberingia Centre, we’re working with artists, sculptors, designers, writers, videographers, scientists, interpreters and Indigenous stakeholders (naming just a few) to tell the story of ice age Yukon. Today we’d like to say thank you to our talented studio crew: dougyyc, brianbunnybatista, and elenabushan. The mural taking shape is dynamite. 👏

Teamwork makes the dream work!

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Actor, clown, director, educator and lead facilitator at @yycinsideout, Michelle Brandenburg’s experiences with a diverse cross-section of artists has helped inspire and influence her work.

Listen in to the full Storytelling Podcast episode to learn more (link in bio). #yycLCL #yycArts

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Z-brush practice for a Schoolism course with jfields217.
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