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Episode 48: Unganisha and an artist on skates

This week you are invited to explore, connect and dance with Woezo Africa’s film screening of Unganisha, and to meet a local figure skater competing at the upcoming Special Olympic Canada Winter Games with other artistic skills.

Headshot of Bethel Afework, Photo by Novio Kareem

Bethel Afework

Executive director and co-founder of The Alcove Centre for the Arts, Bethel Afework has helped create a community recreational space where people can spend time, learn something, perform or take in a performance themselves.

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Episode 47: Chinook Blast Part 2

Take a deeper dive behind the scenes of Chinook Blast! Big Art’s Paul Magnusson says what he’s looking forward to, Jeff Hessel of Tourism Calgary shares the inspiration behind the festival, and Shannon Reinholdt of aGoGo reveals how she keeps warm.

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Episode 46: Chinook Blast Part 1

Explode into winter with Chinook Blast and a few of the fabulous artists that help make the winter festival a memorable event—JiaJia Li’s instrumental band Ginger Beef, Paul Magnuson’s Big Art, Tracy Marie of aGoGo and local musician Chris Maric hosts One Big Jam.

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Ishita Singla

Local dancer and choreographer Ishita Singla creates opportunities within her community in an attempt to break down barriers and showcase the talented performers within it.

Priscille Bukasa

Priscille Bukasa

An early love of poetry inspired Priscille Bukasa to become a writer and a spoken word artist. Bukasa now inspires others in the community as a Cultural Instigator championing Art for Social Change.

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Tedra Rogers

Tedra Rogers talks about the unexpected bump on her creative path that took her from dancing to acting, her first big role in a made-in-Calgary film, and the new directions she is heading as a writer and producer.

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Episode 45

This week, P. Susanah Windrum turns found metal objects into jewelry; Justine Bui sheds light on the harmful practice of colourism; and Trish Weatherup of ARC says when members sing for the community, they get back as much as they give.


We’re so excited to be heading down to Missoula next week for the World Premier of ‘Iniskim-Return of the Buffalo’.  This is certainly the year of the buffalo as we’re one of three films about buffalo that got shortlisted for the Big Sky Award.

‘Iniskim came about because we knew we needed to celebrate the return of the buffalo.  Soon after that I had a chance meeting with master puppeteer Pete Balkwill. The rest is history.’ Amethyst First Rider- producer of Iniskim-Return of the Buffalo.

Details of our screenings at Big Sky Film Festival in Missoula Montana
Feb 22 at 2pm ZACC Theatre
Feb 24 at 2:45 ZACC Theatre

Iniskim- Return of the Buffalo : Trailer

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