A collage of three photos showing progress of an indoor mural over time

yycLCL February 2023

Doug Driediger of Metrographics is working on a major exhibit renewal currently underway for the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre, with 10-foot high murals that will provide an immersive experience for visitors

Brandon Brown and a colleague view video footage on a camera

Brandon Brown

For Calgary director and cinematographer Brandon Brown, before there was an image, there was sound. He set out on his filmmaking journey with the idea of teaching himself the craft by making 100 films.


Episode 35

Share some of the highlights from our 2022 Congress with keynote speaker Dr. Leroy Little Bear, Calgary Arts Development President and CEO Patti Pon, Sally Njoroge of the Trico Changemakers Studio and Poet Laureate Wakefield Brewster. 

An image of Malcolm Lim holding a drum

Malcolm Lim

Acting principal percussionist for the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and the CEO of Rhythm Mastery, Malcolm Lim fuels his creativity by exploring the rhythms of different cultures.

An image of Mary Grace Linton

Mary Grace Linton

After discovering a love of arts in high school, this maker finds joy and satisfaction in painting, paper crafts and playing with Lego. Now she hopes to inspire other to embrace their creativity as well.


Only15 days left, and no this is no joke. Applications are Open until April 15th! Need help with the application process or maybe some inspiration for a story? Email us and also check out or foling inspiration posts.

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Dream big. // The success of our studio is built on creative collaborations. For our ongoing exhibit renewal project at the yukonberingia Centre, we’re working with artists, sculptors, designers, writers, videographers, scientists, interpreters and Indigenous stakeholders (naming just a few) to tell the story of ice age Yukon. Today we’d like to say thank you to our talented studio crew: dougyyc, brianbunnybatista, and elenabushan. The mural taking shape is dynamite. 👏

Teamwork makes the dream work!

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Actor, clown, director, educator and lead facilitator at @yycinsideout, Michelle Brandenburg’s experiences with a diverse cross-section of artists has helped inspire and influence her work.

Listen in to the full Storytelling Podcast episode to learn more (link in bio). #yycLCL #yycArts

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Z-brush practice for a Schoolism course with jfields217.
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