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Callie B. Elwayns | Photo: Studio Lumen Calgary

Callie B. Elwayns 

Educator and storyteller draws on her personal struggles to empower women through creativity

Cherie McMaster

Callie B. Elwayns is an executive coach, a mentor, a somatic movement educator, a storyteller, and a performer who helps women step into their voice and own their story in order to realize their full potential.

“I developed a way to support women to move through the small and large traumas or stresses that hold us back and to really own our voice. I believe… that art is the highest form of human expression and that we can cultivate art out of our struggles, and it’s a way of helping us not only support our own healing but also it’s a really powerful way to connect with community in sharing our story.”

As founder, curator, and CEO of Bold and Visible, Elwayns incorporates artistic principles as a means to foster women, creative practices, and stepping into their own through somatic movement and storytelling.

Listen to this week’s podcast to hear more about the work that Callie B. Elwayns is doing to facilitate women’s empowerment journeys through somatic movement and storytelling.

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