Three performers with blacked out eye makeup stare into the camera

#yycLCL May 2016

This great image was taken by Bianca Miranda during the remount production of One Yellow Rabbit’s Radioheaded Three.


Tonight! Come in from the fall chill for a glass of wine and music from our quartet!
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In this month’s episode of Living a Creative Life Web Series, we find out about the science and arts of plants from creator Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed of ALCLA Native Plants (@alclanativeplants).

Watch the full episode now (link in bio)!

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Out for coffee, chatting with children’s entertainer and friend singingwithsylvia. I was helping her navigate Calgary’s art scene, as she’s a fairly new Saskatchewan transplant. She’s great at what she does and #yyc is lucky to have her. #yyclcl #ceciculture ...

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