Photo of Noni Doig

Noni Doig

Nature loving, soap making, natural skin care enthusiast Noni Doig’s life took an unexpected turn when she discovered an surprising passion.

Photo of Kandrix Foong

Kandrix Foong

Even the architect of the ultimate escapist weekend needs a way to get away from it all once in awhile. Just ask the man behind the Calgary Expo.

Photo of Colin Smith

Colin Smith

Colin Smith shares his inspiration and quest to make our city a cleaner, more sustainable place through his work at Green Event Services.

A black and white photo of Colin Way

Colin Way

This time on Village Radio, Dave Kelly talks with Colin Way about travel, school, and his road to professional photography.

Tet Millare speaks at the 2016 Calgary Dyke and Trans March

Tet Millare

Tet Millare doesn’t live a creative life. She lives as many of them as she possibly can, simultaneously. All aspects of Millare’s life are infused with creativity.


Trying this out to see what I get… I tried today but I think it was still curing!!! Make sure you wait the suggested drying time!!

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TO BE Continued….

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