Adora Nwofor and Anna Ko set up for an interview at the Korean Art Club

Episode 17

Back for another week, join Adora Nwofor as she shares stories of those pursuing their inspiration and living their most authentic lives.

Adora Nwofor pulls ink across a silk screen to make a print

Episode 16

Join Adora Nwofor for another celebration of creative Calgarians who live their most authentic lives while making our city so vibrant.

Karen Begg and Adora Nwofor in the Studio West Bronze Foundry, working on a bronze chicken statue

Episode 15

Join Adora Nwofor and meet some uniquely talented Calgarians who are taking their creativity to new heights by diversifying and sharing their skills.

Julie Freedman Smith in front of a snowy Max Bell Arena

Episode 14

Join Adora Nwofor to celebrate those Calgarians who follow inspiration and pursue passion to enjoy the benefits of living creatively.

Yukichi Hattori putting on stage make-up

Episode 13

Join Adora Nwofor as we celebrate those Calgarians living their most creative lives along whatever avenue they’re fueled to follow.

Adora Nwofor makes a beat at a computer at the Beat Drop studio

Episode 12

Today we learn how to drop a beat, we’ll discover what digital projection mapping is, and we’ll visit some spectacular light displays.

A still of Ayush Gosh playing a sitar

Episode 11

Join Adora Nwofor as we feature the world’s youngest sitar player, a French horn player who also has a knitting podcast, and so much more.

A painting in a 30 drawer vintage card catalogue

Episode 10

The arts might have had to pivot thanks to a global pandemic but Calgary companies are not letting that stop the creative juices from flowing.

Adora Nwofor and Kipling West in an artist studio filled with work on the walls

Episode 9

Bringing community together through creative living, on this episode we colour in Currie and get creepy with Calgarians who take Halloween to another level.


Yvette Denby's love of Métis fiddle playing has been passed down through generations of her family.

In this week's #yycLCL Storytelling Podcast, she reflects on her musical upbringing and how she's shared that tradition with her daughters Breann and Kaleena, who are now forging their own musical path with their fiddle playing.

Take a listen on our website or on Spotify (link in bio).


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Draft vs mural

I combined two sunrise images from surrideo_ortho to create the design 🌞

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Artists in the Ēxhibition

Santosh Korthiwada l Santosh Korthiwada
Ariadna Sly l Ariadna Sly
Bell de la Vega I Bell de la Vega.
Claudia Janet I Claudia Janet- Artist
Day Pajarillo I Day Pajarillo Artworks
Yanina Eberhard I Yanina Eberhard Art
Jessica Chiapa I Je Chiapa
Yiyo Partida I Yiyo Partida
YS Chang I yschang_artist
Maria Fernanda Munar I mariasartgarden
Fredy Rivas I jofybass
Rubén Arroyo I rubengonzalezarroyo
Elizabeth Amezcua I Elizabetha Art Decor
Luna Carrillo I liminaluna
Liss Febrero I Liss Febrero
Felipe Jasso I felipejassophotos
Luisa Roncancio I luisaroncancio
Maria Loaiza I MariaLoaiza
Christiane Olguin I Cristianeolguin
Anavi I Anavi
Manuela Albarracin I lapingachoz
Juan Carlos Guzman I carlos.guzman187
Juan Carlos Montero I juanelmontero
Paloma Negra I palomanegralaaventurera .

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