Master Class Program

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Master Class Program

The deadline for this opportunity has passed.

Company of Rogues Actors’ Studio Program in Acting is a post-secondary non-academic vocational training course that equips students with the specific knowledge and skills to pursue professional careers as working actors.

Graduates of the Master Class Program are able to work within a variety of entertainment industries, across any manner of performance arts. The program can be taken in a variety of different customized options, utilizing evening and weekend classes for even the busiest aspiring actor.

Graduates will learn the skills to bring their acting techniques to the stage and to smaller independent theatre companies, film, television and commercial areas across Canada and overseas.

Company of Rogues places an emphasis on collaborative, partnered and self-directed work throughout the course, as well as preparing students to engage with a wide range of communities and to initiate their own creative opportunities, as well as seek agents, and secure professional paid and volunteer work across all acting platforms available to them.

Through practice and hands-on based learning, rather than academic learning, students are able to develop technical skills in the disciplines of voice, movement, and acting for stage and film. Students are able to participate in classroom exercises and warm-ups, in-depth scene work with partners, scene staging, and improvised work.

Their program culminates with an end of year public production that enables them to explore their talents as individuals, develop a working process as an actor, identify and express their artistic voice, and showcase their work for local audiences and industry representatives.

Prior to graduation, students will also be prepped to go out into the world as professional actors, by means of a practical departure course in the next steps for their career and how they can begin working professionally and find work in their local and regional industries.

Students are given an overview on the practical realities of the entertainment sector in Canada and given the skills to navigate how best to manage their careers as professional actors once leaving Company of Rogues as graduates.

At the heart of Company of Rogues lies a legacy of 25 years in the local Calgary and Vancouver markets, and a commitment to training the highest quality professional and recreational actors for both our local and overseas markets. We hope you will be a part of our family and our vision for our future.

To apply or express interest, please contact us by phone at 403.228.5526 or by email at Applications for our program are open until August 2019 and students are accepted by audition.

For more information, please visit our website

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