2024 Pre-College Program

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2024 Pre-College Program

Dates: July 8 – August 2, 2024

Curious about pursuing a degree in art?

Pre-College provides an immersive art school experience for students ages 16 and older.

Pre-College is a four-week intensive summer program where you will experience life as an AUArts student. Work alongside other talented young artists creating art, building your portfolio and earning university credits.

Pre-College provides an opportunity to practice working independently, flexibility and building a purposeful connection with your peer group through interactive projects and discussions.

Besides immersing yourself in art and design, you will also:

Build Your Portfolio

Experiment with different mediums, tools and techniques to build a body of work to use as your portfolio. Engage in critiques with your peers while receiving feedback from your instructor to enhance your work. Finish the month with a solid, varied portfolio that will prove impressive for post-secondary admissions and bursary applications.

Prepare for University

Pre-College is your chance to experience what post-secondary life is like. Follow a university-level curriculum with studio classes under the mentorship of professional artists and designers, preparing you for the transition into post-secondary studies and re-shaping your approach to art and design.

Earn Credits

Pre-College is equivalent to an AUArts’ first year studio elective. Which means, you will earn three credits towards your undergraduate degree and a head start on whatever program you choose.

Join a Community

Connect and work with others who share a passion for art and design. You will forge friendships and collaborative partners that will support you over Pre-College’s four-weeks, across your undergraduate and beyond. In just a month, you may form friendships that last a lifetime.

As a Pre-College student, you will join a talented community of practicing artists and designers who are eager to explore, challenge, and experiment with ideas. All classes are taught by AUArts faculty who are passionate about education and helping you grow as an artist. They will guide you through studio assignments, research projects, and critiques that will increase your abilities to observe, conceptualize, and create. Using a variety of media you will build a portfolio of finished work for post-secondary admission and bursary applications.

During pre-college you will gain a thorough understanding of introductory art and design study at the post-secondary level. Preparing you for further education in a college or university environment. You will also participate in extracurricular activities, events, and presentations to support your learning, enhance your portfolio, and prepare for your future.

Find out how far you can go.

Learn more at auarts.ca/precollege.

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