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Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre is seeking an administrator for a ~7-month contract.

The administrator will assist and collaborate with the Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre team with all administrative duties related to the Organizational Change Cohort.

What is the Organizational Change Cohort?

The Organizational Change Cohort (OCC) is composed of indie/small-scale theatre organizations based in Mohkinstsis (Calgary), namely Chromatic Theatre (, Downstage Theatre (, Inside Out Theatre ( and Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre, to collaborate on equity, diversity, inclusion and access (EDIA) in the local performing arts sector. This cohort will share knowledge and tools, and learn together, in an effort to shift and shed the outdated, exclusionary, and harmful norms that too often go unquestioned in our sector.


The cohort administrator will support the Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre team and the OCC consultants with all admin duties related to coordinating meetings and activities for the OCC. As the activities that the OCC will engage in together is still being determined, the scope of the Cohort Administrator tasks is emergent.

Right now, we foresee that tasks will include:

  • Regular meetings with the Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre team (Kris, Mark & Mpoe).
  • Scheduling and attending Organizational Change Cohort meetings.
  • Creating agendas and taking minutes during cohort meetings.
  • Liaising with external consultants and contractors.
  • Administering all cohort meetings that happen on Zoom.
  • Sending, receiving, and communicating all cohort-related communication.
  • Light producing duties if the cohort decides to host any in-person events.


The ideal candidate will have experience in arts administration.

They will:

  • Have a robust understanding and embodiment of anti-racist, anti-oppression values in your practice.
  • Be adept at administrative and organizational processes.
  • Be familiar with Slack, Zoom,, Asana and Google Suite (Gmail, Calendar, Drive).
  • Find enjoyment in administrative tasks and staying organized.
  • Be a clear and direct communicator.
  • Be comfortable with working independently, and in a team (mostly over Zoom).

Compensation: The fund we have available for this position is $8450. This is calculated based on an hourly wage of $32/hour at 8hrs/week for 33 weeks of work.

Additional Details: 

  • This is a part-time position from May 4th – December 31st, 2023
  • This is a hybrid-remote position with most of the work being remote, and some in-person time being required.

How to Apply

Please send your resume and cover letter/video/audio recording to that lets us know:

  • Who you are
  • Your work philosophy (What values govern your decision making in the workplace?)
  • Why you are interested in this position
  • Any other details you’d like to share with us

Deadline to apply: April 6 2023, 11:59pm MT

About Swallow-A-Bicycle Theatre & How we Work

The staff and board of directors of Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre acknowledge the wave of state-sanctioned violence against Black and Indigenous people across Turtle Island, and are explicitly in support of the necessary social movements that have arisen in response.

We believe that Black, Indigenous & People of Colour deserve to feel safe, welcomed, protected and heard during their time spent with Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre.

We also believe we are not fulfilling the organization’s Art Manifesto with the power dynamics that have been in place. As a result, with support from the Board of Directors, the Staff of Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre began an internal restructure in 2020, with the intention of upholding our Art Manifesto with equity at the forefront of the changes to come.

Our restructure work is still ongoing.

This year, the values our Staff have decided to prioritize include:

  • Justice: present in our content, conditions of working, and in community.
  • Community: present in sharing resources, collaboration, reciprocity, building bonds and keeping in touch.
  • Financial Thriving: present in being intentional with our fundraising to ensure people who work with us are compensated in ways that allow for comfort.
  • Work conditions that allow for: health, pleasure, leisure & flexibility.
  • Doing work that is: purposeful, passionate, justice-based, fun!

For this role of administrator, we are not necessarily looking for expertise or official training. If you have those qualifications, awesome! But if you’re simply someone who is enthusiastic about tasks like keeping organized, creating efficient work flows for yourself and sending reminders via emails, we’d love to chat with you!

The work that the OCC is doing together is very much centred on EDIA working practices. You’ll be along for the whole ride, so it is key that EDIA-centred values are a priority to you. If you are curious about EDIA working practices within indie organizations and institutions, your participation in the OCC sessions is heartily welcomed!

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