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AE West

Artist Entrepreneur Program

AE West returns to Studio Bell in the fall of 2018, and Canada’s Music Incubator and National Music Centre have announced a national call for submissions.

Based on Canada’s Music Incubator’s long-running Artist Entrepreneur program, AE West is designed to help emerging artists and bands from all genres build their businesses and careers. Artists will work closely with Canada’s Music Incubator and the National Music Centre team of social media, marketing, management, promotion, publicity, funding, touring, songwriting and live performance experts. They will also be introduced to a wide range of active music industry professionals. Artists will also have ongoing access to mentors and resources post-program.

About Canada’s Music Incubator

Canada’s Music Incubator (CMI) is a national not-for-profit organization providing customized and ongoing mentorship to professional artists and managers. Using the pillars of mentoring, collaboration and industry connectivity, our mission is to empower these creative entrepreneurs in the development of sustainable careers and businesses which meet their definitions of success. Since 2012, CMI has provided over 5,000 hours of professional development and mentored over 500 artists and managers spanning all genres of music across Canada. CMI was founded by Coalition Music and is based at their Toronto facility.

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For more information regarding this program or the application process, please email

Eligible artists must be 18-years-old or over and actively writing, recording, releasing (or about to release) music, and performing live. Interviews will be conducted with appropriate candidates in July and August prior to program admission.

Program Length: Five weeks
Cost: $1,600

Helping emerging professional artists, of all musical genres, develop sustainable businesses and careers via hands-on mentoring, networking, and collaboration.

AE West is an extension of CMI’s highly-regarded Toronto-based Artist Entrepreneur program and represents a partnership between CMI, NMC and Alberta Music. Artists will only have to pay a $1,600 fee. The program itself is valued at $7,500, with the majority of costs being offset thanks to the generous support of TD Bank and the Viewpoint Foundation.

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