Call for Artists

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Call for Artists

Pointe-aux-Pins Acres (The Pointe)

Strathcona County is seeking several artists for upcoming projects: Public Art, Land-Art, Ecological Art, Graphic Design, Micro-Artist in Residence.

Submission Deadline: March 22, 2024

Established in 2014, the Strathcona Public Art Program is committed to increasing cultural vibrancy in the County by commissioning and collecting works of original art. The program hinges on the strength of past years’ commissioning of professional artists to create exterior original works for integration into public places and the annual art purchasing program. The County Public Art Plan mandates one per cent (1%) of funds from eligible capital development projects to be set aside for public art to enhance public spaces and make art more accessible.

Pointe-aux-Pins Acres (The Pointe) multi-purpose agricultural facility is a new year-round agricultural and community activities centre scheduled to open Fall 2025 in Strathcona County, Alberta.

To learn more about the new facility, please visit

Eligible artists: Reside in Canada

Five Artist Opportunities

Companion Species

Exterior Free-Standing Sculpture, Entrance Plaza: Site specific 3D sculpture(s) (metal, fiberglass, steel, wood, stone, mixed media).

Budget: $66,000 (1 commission)

Flow Wall

Pointé-aux-Pins Creek: Flat or low relief artwork on exterior panel, front entry. Site specific installation (glass mosaic, low relief sculpture, ceramic, wood, steel, mixed media, surface treatment or permanent covering/application).

Budget: $43,000 (1 commission)


Plots: Site specific installations located around the facility (land art, environmental art, conceptual gardening, experimental landscaping, elemental installations, exterior sound or sensory installation, eco-art, interactive, four seasons eco-earth-art). The size/location of each art plot will be determined by the artist’s proposal.

Budget: $23,000 each (3 commissions)


Micro Artist-in-Residence ART-i-Culture is an arts-based practice meets permaculture, horticulture, agriculture, apiculture, floriculture, aviculture, viticulture, arboriculture…. or invent your own art-i-culture.

Budget: Artists in Residence stipend is $835/week for 20 hours/week on-site per artist or artist group. Artists can choose durations from 1-2 weeks to stage their project.

Project/material budget: up to $1,000/project/week (multiple artists)

Re-tracing Site

Pointe-aux-Pins Acres: 2D interior installation using graphic design based on historical research (research package is provided). Entrance lobby (choice of surfaces or installation techniques – windows, walls, floors, suspended, freestanding panels, digital displays).

Budget: $23,000 (1 commission)

For more details and to apply, visit

A montage of photographs, clockwise from left: An architectural rendition of the building, a dog looking at a horse, someone making what looks like jam in a pot, freshly pulled carrots, planting a tree.

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