Circulation and Touring Arts Across Canada

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Circulation and Touring Arts Across Canada

Canada Council for the Arts

Application deadline: June 26, 2024

The Circulation and Touring component of Arts Across Canada funds touring and exhibition activities of Canadian artists, artistic groups and arts organizations. Grants support the presentation and exhibition of performances and works by Canadian artists which build national exposure and reach Canadian audiences.

Activities — what is eligible

Destinations must be at least 250 kilometers from your place of departure for:

  • The circulation or touring of artists, exhibitions or artistic works to 3 or more Canadian destinations (art exhibitions must include at least 2 destinations outside your home province or territory).
  • Cross-border Canada/United States tours with the majority of events in Canada.
  • Self-presentation and/or circulation and touring to fewer than 3 Canadian destinations, if you provide a strong market development rationale or outreach strategy.

You can’t apply for activities that occur before the project start date, those that receive funding from another Canada Council grant or those on the general list of ineligible activities.

Who can apply

Types of potential applicants to this component include:

  • Artists and curators
  • Artistic groups and collectives
  • Artistic organizations
  • First Nations, Inuit and Métis professional artists, groups, collectives and not-for-profit organizations
  • Media arts distribution centres and festivals

Your eligibility to apply to this component is determined by the validated profile created in the portal.

Organizations presently receiving core (operating) grants can apply to this component.

For more information, please visit Canada Council for the Arts.

You may be eligible for Application Assistance to pay someone to help you with the application process if you are experiencing difficulty and self-identify as:

  • An artist who is Deaf, hard of hearing, has a disability or is living with a mental illness.
  • A First Nations, Inuit or Métis artist facing language, geographic and/or cultural barriers.
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