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Composer for Hire

I’m Gabe Romero a Calgary-based composer. My musical abilities were recognized at the YYC Music Awards 2016 nominated as an artist for Suburban Soul Train EP.

I’ve has been composing for several short films and visual projects for the last five years. My musical abilities span from a composer, musical producer, songwriter, and musician. Film scores from classical to electronic. As well as a producer of pop, rock, and alternative music respectively.

If anyone is in need of original compositions such as film scores, soundtracks, additional musical production, songwriting, jingles for commercial/private use. Feel free to contact me.

Adaptable, deadline-driven, creative and reliable.

Contact information for commission work

Gabe Romero
Phone: 403.992.0583

For more information, visit
For a list of musical discography, visit
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