Alberta-Based Screenwriter

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Alberta-Based Screenwriter

Four to five Alberta-based writers needed for two upcoming 2021 series. Each series consists of 24 episodes, including three to four hours of pre-production research and outlining, and three to five hours of scripting post-filming, per episode.

Following the completion of drafts for audit, writers will be asked to provide notes and fine-tuning for fine-cut drafts.

Because both series are filmed back-to-back, this may look like three to five months of consistent hours as writers work on both series. However, per series, hours will look like: three to four weeks of consistent, full-time hours during the research stage, two to four weeks of inactivity while principal photography occurs, and then another four weeks of full-time hours during the scripting stage.

Writers should be well-versed in three-act narrative structure, capable of managing their own time efficiently, and have access to Final Draft or other industry-standard scripting software.

We pay $300/draft of script (which must meet quality standards) with three drafts budgeted for a series. Drafts include outlines, drafts for audit, and second drafts.

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