Introduction to Clay 3D Printing Workshop

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Introduction to Clay 3D Printing Workshop

Date: Saturday, February 3 – 4, 2024
Time: 12 noon – 4pm
Location: 701 11 St. SW
Cost: $300

Manufacturing with mud allows us to reintroduce traditional, sustainable local materials into our contemporary culture using design thinking and creative problem-solving to address quality, cost and efficiency issues in response to the global housing crisis.

Whether you’re a potter, an artist, a designer, or simply curious to get your hands wet with new material and technology, this workshop is an introduction to clay 3D printing for any background. At a prototype scale, experience the process of transforming clay from powder, to paste, to printed prototypes and the firing of clay into ceramic artifacts. Yes, you can keep your artifact! Discover and be inspired by traditional and modern clay architecture and product design, and learn about the unique technical and environmental factors that inform a 3D-printed object.

This weekend workshop consists of two modules, broken into two four-hour long days (Saturday and Sunday). The first module is an introduction to 3D modelling using computer software (download the free Rhino 7 trial to your laptop), focused on the optimal conditions and parameters for 3D printing with clay. The second module includes plug-and-play experiences of mixing clay, assembling an extruder, getting familiar with slicer software (free download of Prusa), and operating a Creality 3D printer using a modified CERA-1 extruder. You will print a prototype that will dry and be fired for you!

About the facilitator, Lili Yas Tayefi (she/her)

Lili Yas Tayefi is an Iranian-born, Calgary-based multidisciplinary artist, designer and educator specializing in contemporary ceramic arts and robotic fabrication. With extensive experience in handcraft and a background in material science, her practice, LYT Studio, incorporates high-precision manufacturing in architecture using robotics to create beautiful and innovative ceramic sculptures. In 2022, she designed and instructed the University of Calgary School of Architecture’s (SAPL) first curriculum in 3D printing clay within an architectural setting, now established as an annual program.

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Promotion of Contemporary Calgary's workshop showing the clay 3D printing process | INTRODUCTION TO CLAY 3D PRINTING WORKSHOP FEB 3+4, 12-4PM

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