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Learn to Paint 1

Basics of Painting & Alla Prima

The deadline for this opportunity has passed.

Dates: Tuesdays, six-week course
January 14 – February 18, 2020
Times: 12:00 – 2:00pm
Cost: $250 + GST

Don’t be intimidated any longer! Anyone can learn to paint! It’s easy and fun.

Our aim is to demystifying and answer any and all questions you may have in regards to painting in acrylic or oil. We will start on the basics and build up the foundation of everything you need to get started.

This beginner course instructs the proper and safe use and handling of acrylic and/or oil paint.

In the very first class, you will learn to prepare, gesso and select quality supports. We will talk about what is in the tube and how to choose which paints to buy and why. This class will clear up any mystery about mediums, alkyds, fats, brushes and more.

You will learn to properly mix colours and avoid mud. You will learn the steps to success.

We teach how to clean your gear, how to store materials, how to use or if you choose not to use solvents or other toxic materials.

Students will create a number of studies from photo and swatches throughout the course. You will learn to paint from life and from reference. Through our systematic approach each week you will gain new skills and the confidence to move forward to create your own studio practice.

For more information, visit facebook.com or atelierartista.com.

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