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Naked Readers

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Looking for something empowering to change your life? Looking for feminism, body positivity and a safe environment to explore a vulnerable side of yourself? Look no further!

Naked Girls Reading is looking for readers for the Calgary chapter for monthly events!

We are a group of non-male identified folks who read out loud to the audience, while unclothed. This event provides body positivity and empowerment to all who read and attend while promoting books and knowledge. We also teach that nudity can be non-sexual and fight against the stigma of rape-culture within our society.

Our event is 100% non-sexual. We do not perform sexual acts and sexual acts are prohibited.

For more information, visit

Some FAQs:

  • Yes you read 100% naked except for shoes and accessories.
  • Each reading is paid.
  • New readers always get priority for casting calls.
  • Zero censorship on any readings and you have complete freedom for any materials you choose to read to fit the theme each month.
  • All reading materials are accepted (ie: self-written, books, articles, newspaper, tweets, FB posts, magazines, song lyrics, poetry, etc.).

If you are interested in more information or would like to join the casting call group on Facebook, please ask to join OR email

If you would like to follow us on Facebook, our currently booked events and special events.

See you there!

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