Outdoor Mural Maintenance

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Outdoor Mural Maintenance

Conduct repairs and maintenance on two murals in downtown High River. These murals are High River’s First Nurse and Fort Spitzee. The proponent must provide details on how the work is to be undertaken.


The Contractor shall assemble a qualified team with expertise in maintaining and repairing public art. If you are not a member of the Canadian Association of Conservators (CAC) or the Canadian Association of Professional Conservators (CAPC) you must consult with a qualified Conservator. Details of consultation and recommendations must be provided with your proposal.

Site Visit

Proponents are strongly encouraged to view the murals. The Town does not have documented specifications on materials used in these works.

Following the award of the Contract, Contractor shall meet with the Parks Planner to finalize a schedule for conservation work.


After the exact scope and fees have been agreed upon, there shall be no additional charges of any kind.


Following the award of the Contract, the Contractor shall provide Town with a proposed timeline of work to be done. The Town anticipates the project will be awarded in late May of 2018, and requires the work completed by June 15, 2018 weather permitting.

The deadline for submissions may be extended until a suitable Team is selected.

Questions regarding this Request for Quotation (RFQ) may be submitted by email to kunger@highriver.ca to the attention of Parks Planner or by calling 403.603.3533.

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