Parents Who Make

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Parents Who Make

Who We Are

Artist Babysitting Exchange is for parents who are in the arts community, including (but not limited to) movement, visual arts, theatre, film, literature, circus, digital, multidisciplinary, media, Indigenous arts, music and sound, inter-arts, architecture, graphic arts, interior design, and mixed ability arts. Anyone engaged in a creative practice that they hold dear and at any stage of their careers or creative journeys are welcome.

The group is open to all parents, expectant parents, new parents, parents with older children, grandparents, parents who have adopted. Parents of any race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity. Parents with a disability.

What We Do

As like-minded individuals, this group serves our need for childcare, building community support and sharing resources. We share the experiences and challenges of being both a parent and an artist. We find the parallels in both the practice of making art and the practice of parenting.

We support one another to be the best parents we can be, the best artists we can be and help our children to grow in community. Sharing and exchanging our time, resources and ideas is how we do this.

We meet once per month to be social, get to know one another and allow our children to get to know one another. This is not a mandatory event, it only helps us to build trust and connections.

How it Works

Primarily we exist to exchange babysitting services. This operates on a point system, each member earns one point for every quarter of an hour providing babysitting and pays one point for every quarter of an hour receiving babysitting. The parent receiving babysitting must drop their child off at the parent providing babysitting’s home.

Call to Action

Please join the Facebook group to look out for monthly events as well as sharing resources on anything related to parenting, child-friendly art happenings and supportive systems for parents in the arts.

We are a collective looking for members with energy, passion and experience to share. We hope we can be helpful to you and your tiny humans.

For more information, or if you don’t have Facebook, please email

To follow and keep up with the group, visit

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