Studio and Shop Space for Rent

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Studio and Shop Space for Rent

The Old Trout Puppet Workshop

Build space: 22′ x 32′
Studio space: 30′ x 27′

Available for rent – The Old Trout Puppet Workshop!

Literal-minded people rejoice! The Old Trout Puppet Workshop now has a physical building that justifies the fourth word in its name. No longer merely an architectural metaphor for an experimental and collectivist attitude, we make the leap from the imaginary to the real – and you can rent it!

It’s divided into two spaces

The Build Space

A proper place for making things, complete with workbenches, layout space, paint area, sculpting booth & a full set of stationary tools like a table saw, bandsaw, radial arm saw and drill press. 22′ wide x 32′ long (measurements taken from the inside of permanent counter-spaces/shelves), this space has a rolling garage door for ease of getting large items in and out.

The Studio Space

A stage area complete with wall-mounted mirrors and sprung floor as well as a green room section and open floor space suitable for storage, layout or seating. The stage itself is 17’7″ deep x 33’10” wide, and there’s a small sound system you can plug your laptop into for playback. The rest of the room is approximately 30′ deep x 27′ wide, and includes fridge, microwave, counter space and seating areas.

Interested? We thought so! Check our website for rates and some photos, or reach out to to find out if your dates are available, or to arrange a tour.

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