Upholstery/Artist Assistant

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Upholstery/Artist Assistant

This job opportunity has expired.

I’m hiring an assistant.

Hours: 8-12 hours a week, evenings, weekends
Pay: $15-$20 per hour
Age: 18 years or older

I’ve gone back to designing and building upholstered parts for aircraft. After working all day doing spatial reasoning I need help with my other upholstery and art projects. I’m also working on a lesson plan to teach part-time at a makerspace and want help with that.

Spring is around the corner, Staples need pulling, stuff needs cleaning, mead needs making, seeds need sowing, things need painting, and on and so forth.

You will be considered a contractor, not an employee.

Paid in cash.

Contact Tommy by email for questions or to apply at tommyfleger@gmail.com.

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