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A graphic that says Anti-Graffiti For Sale

Anti-Graffiti For Sale

I finished a 17,000-sq.-ft. mural project last summer and have some unused anti-graffiti leftover that is now for sale.

  • 75 gallons of anti-graffiti are for sale from the US.
  • Water-based, sacrificial acrylic coating that is ready to apply from the container (it’s not the two part mix kind).
  • We’ll sell it for the discount we received – $40/gallon CAD (GST, US exchange, and shipping is included in this price).
  • Ability to store it if needed until sometime this summer.

A quick testimonial on the coating.

The manufacturer’s instructions recommends for the coating to be applied when there’s no expected rain within 24 hours. Well, given the weather and expected temperature drop, we took a chance and applied it on Wednesday, September 5 and finished it around 7:30pm so it was getting cooler and the sun was going down.

It rained over night and was pretty steady up until 1:00pm the next day… needless to say I wasn’t sure what it would be like. I went to check on the mural (wooden fence) that afternoon after the sun came out and the coating was still intact and appears to be completely unaffected. The coating would have only had about eight hours of drying time before the rain hit it. It was also warm the day we applied it so that enabled it to setup before it rained. I think this was a great test of the product which was a sacrificial water based coating!

If anyone would like to check out the anti-graffiti coating, the mural I used it on is on the east side of the fence line running along Coventry Hills Blvd NE at the corner of Country Hills Blvd. NE and Coventry Hills Blvd. NE and runs north up to Coventry Hills Way NE.

Please see the attached TDS for additional information on the anti-graffiti coating.

If you are interested, please email me at