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Ms. Holmes and Ms. Watson – #2B

Casting call for Ms. Holmes and Ms. Watson -#2B (equity and non-equity), by Kate Hamill.

Cheerfully desecrating the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and directed by Kathryn Smith.

Engagement Company and Outside Dates

Vertigo Theatre (Calgary) – rehearsals begin April 23, 2024; opens May 16, 2024; closes June 9, 2024.

Production Description

Baker Street, London, Spring of…2021? Ms. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Joan Watson join forces to catch a murderer that is on the loose, though there seems to be a bigger game afoot. A traditional adventure told in a post-pandemic world – with a nail-biting mystery that only Sherlock Holmes can solve.

Roles to be Cast

Sherlock Holmes female age 30s – 40s

A once-in-a-generation genius. Eccentric. Focused, to a fault. Can be less-than-sensitive. Operating on a different level than civilians. Gets bored easily; likes applause; sometimes accused of being unfeeling. LOVES costumes and drama. *Standard RP accent.

Dr. Joan Watson female age 30s – 40s

American. Formerly Type-A high-achiever. Currently struggling to find herself; has had some recent struggles. Reflexively defensive. Once had great bedside manner. Wry. Smart. *No dialect required.

Irene Adler/Mrs. Hudson/Mrs. Drebber female age 20s – 40s

Irene: whip-smart, super charming sex worker finding success at the highest levels. Operating on a totally different level than civilians. Incredible charm, wit, and confidence. *Standard RP accent.

Mrs. Hudson: Holmes & Watson’s long-suffering landlady. Kind; a bit anxious; is losing her patience with Sherlock. *Standard RP accent.

Mrs. Drebber: seemingly an ordinary housewife. Somebody you would be very wise not to underestimate. *Standard RP accent.

Moriarty/Lestrade/Elliot Monk male age 30s – 50s

Moriarty: A criminal so great you’ve never heard of him. A master blackmailer; knows just when to play his cards. Operating on a different level than civilians. Wears many masks. Amoral, but you’d like him. *Standard RP accent.

Lestrade: an inspector new to his position at Scotland Yard. Not very imaginative. Often says the wrong thing. Good hearted. *Standard RP accent.

Elliot Monk: An amoral tech billionaire from Texas. *Texan dialect.

Audition Dates: May 8 & 9, 2023

Casting Process

Selected candidates will be provided with scenes to work from during the auditions.

Vertigo Theatre has a responsibility to create work spaces where people are comfortable in a creation process, and can be themselves in every capacity. With this in mind, we encourage submissions from those who identify as Indigenous, Black, or POC as well as 2SLGBTQIA+, Disabled/People with Disabilities and/or Neuro-Divergent people.

*If there are any potential barriers (language, disability, or any other considerations) preventing you from applying to audition, please let us know and we will work with you to find a suitable application process.

How to Submit

We would like to request a submission package consisting of:

  • Headshot
  • Resume

Please submit packages through the following link

*We will not be collecting hard copies of headshots and resumes at the audition. The audition panel will receive them all electronically.

Deadline for submission packages is April 28 at 11:59pm, 2023.

Local submissions only for this casting call.

CAEA Members will be given first priority.

For more information contact Laura Couch, Company Manager, Vertigo Theatre at