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Artistic Director

This position has been filled.

Founded in 1952, Revv52 is Calgary’s longest-standing organized arts group, performing in front of thousands of enthusiastic fans at concerts and private functions every year. Revv52’s mission is to expand the boundaries of artistic performance by showcasing quality and innovative choral musical experiences for our audiences while nurturing a love of music and fostering a caring environment among our members.

Revv52 is an auditioned group of over 50 high-quality singers who are passionate and dedicate their free time to the love of singing and performing. With their live band, Revv52 performs at least two sets of concerts each year at the incredible Bella Concert Hall at Mount Royal University in Calgary, featuring custom-arranged songs from the last six decades of pop music. Revv52 recently launched a second, smaller group called ReMix: Powered by Revv52 to meet the growing demands for experiencing Revv52 at private functions and smaller venues.

Revv52 is searching for a new artistic director beginning in the 2019/2020 season to replace Brian Farrell, who has dedicated the past 24 years to inspire, challenge, develop and grow Revv52. Revv52 desires a new artistic director who can respect the incredible work Brian has already accomplished, and then further develop the group to new levels within its artistic and market focus. The ideal candidate has at least five years of experience in choral conducting and vocal coaching. They should be ready to challenge Revv52’s passionate singers to reach greater levels of artistic quality, all the while continuing to provide highly entertaining and energetic concerts for our audiences.

Candidates who can provide the following critical skills will be the most desirable for this unique position in the Calgary arts community:

  • Understanding Vocal Styles: Revv52 presents selections from pop, rock, blues, gospel, funk, Latin… often all within the same concert. The singers need to be rehearsed in the style so it’s authentic to the audience.
  • A Master of Vocal Technique: Some of Calgary’s best amateur singers are in Revv52, but everyone needs coaching to stretch to another level. Vocal placement, tone, breathing, and developing vocal versatility are attributes to be coached at every rehearsal with the group, and 1-on-1 with our singers. We have to detect vocal sound issues in the group quickly, and fix them on the spot—this is just good rehearsing.
  • Living the Story of the Song: The story is everything. Far beyond dwelling on the notes and rhythms; the audience responds best when the story is well told. It’s essential this comes out at every rehearsal.
  • Experience with Performing Musicians: The Revv52 band consists of some of the best players in Calgary. They’re professionals who need to work together with the singers to provide the groove and musical foundation of the song. Prior experience as a band member or band leader to know how to relate, integrate, and create musical magic with others is a big asset to this role.
  • Getting the Word Out: Revv52 is a special group of people that can drive an audience’s energy “through the roof”. The word needs to get around town, and around the country, that Revv52 wants to perform—a lot. Connecting with people and groups to get more opportunities to improve the brand is critical to our future.
  • Creating New Artistic Leaps: Our performances show the risks we take artistically, and Revv52 audiences always expect something new. Open up the opportunities to challenge our singers and our band, challenge our audience, challenge our city, and challenge the world.
  • Be Tech Savvy: Work with our arrangers, singers and volunteers efficiently by being a master of the tools of the trade. Arranging and recording experience helps streamline rehearsing and helps make us unique.
  • Be Organized: The backbone of Revv52 are paid professionals and volunteers, all coming together with hectic schedules. Working effectively by being responsive and accountable to the bigger team is essential.

If you’ve got the experience and want a creative challenge that will be fuelled by passionate singers and musicians, visit to learn more about us, and apply for the position by visiting