Adele Venter

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Adele Venter

Adele Venter

Adele Venter obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art with a major in sculpture at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. She completed a photography course at SAIT in Calgary, Canada which became her medium of choice.

Her artwork reflects her sculptural background, using three-dimensional miniature objects to build narrative landscapes. These miniatures are then photographed where three dimensions are translated into two.Landscapes are a very traditional subject matter and have been painted in oils and watercolours in both the Western and Eastern worlds. Urban as well as rural landscapes are now a well-known subject for photographers.Conventional landscapes evoke images of three-dimensionality – forests, mountains, sky and valleys. Flat art is a minimalistic style that uses limited elements and excludes complexity.

Combining the two styles I have created landscapes where narratives unfold upon contemplation.
People and patterns that they form in social and private places interplay with the backdrops in which these interactions take place. People form circles in their private environment, closed circles outside of circles. In public spaces, they become aware of the space that they need between each other. The landscapes are rich in colour and pattern but are flat in design. The people remain three dimensional and form part of the landscape but remain removed and slightly detached from the world they inhabit. Atmosphere and lighting are created in the studio generating the shadows that connect people with their environment.



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