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An image of the seating setup at Engineered Air Theatre in Arts Commons

Engineered Air Theatre

The Engineered Air Theatre at Arts Commons is built near the site of the old Empress Theatre, which stood on the same city block in 1911. Interior fittings from the Empress were saved before the site was torn down to make way for the construction of the new Centre for Performing Arts. The fittings were later incorporated into the design of the Engineered Air Theatre.

The main level of the venue can be set up in a variety of ways that allows it to accommodate a range of events, such as music and theatre performances, workshops, lectures, luncheons, receptions, networking events, and more! With powerful audio equipment and excellent lighting options, the Engineered Air Theatre is a theatre both practical and unique.

A booking of the Engineered Air Theatre includes a private lobby and bar to receive you and your guests.

This space is available to rent. Please contact the organization for more details.



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