Gillian McCarron

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A photo of a hand seen through a tranparent sheet with subtle dotted pattern

Gillian McCarron

My acrylic paintings contrast stillness and change in images that look different depending on how they are viewed. From near or far, the composition and colours in the paintings appear to shift. I achieve this effect by systematically experimenting with materials and processes. The base layer of my paintings is a handmade acrylic sheet that incorporates colour-shifting pigments. Over top I meticulously paint a pattern of black dots that represent an abstracted photograph.

This body of work is about perception and encouraging close observation, playing tricks with the formal stillness of paint to create a fluctuating image. At close distances, small details and subtle variances in texture are the subjects of the work. From afar, the focus changes from the physical qualities of the materials to the interplay between them. My work encourages the deepening of a passive glance to actively looking and interacting with what is seen.



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