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An image of artwork - Primary Data - by Kenzie Housego

Kenzie Housego

Kenzie Housego is currently perusing a Master of Fine Arts Degree at the University of Calgary specializing in new media technologies. Her practice combines assemblage, printmaking, textiles, installation, and new media. Having evolved into a multidisciplinary artist, threads of performance, theatrics, adornment, and costume have always been intrinsic to her life and are strongly represented within her artwork.

Drawn to decorative found objects and imagery with a sense of history, through her art Housego seeks to investigate societal narratives as well as the narrative of objects. She often highlights contemporary modes of femininity, gender roles, and notions of decor by drawing on symbolism. Her assemblage series are at times encapsulated within clear resin creating sealed and composed environments of coded images and suggestive material. These environments are at once inaccessible in their encapsulation yet also visually alluring and available to the viewer.



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