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Detail of a piece by Vania Dimitrova

Vania Dimitrova

My experience as a visual artist is about discovering new artistic contemporary style influenced by the geometric constructivism which reflects the modern time we live in. I am an immigrant and have international experience as an artist exhibiting in world art locations like New York, Malta, Bulgaria, and Canada.

I am self-employed at the moment as an artist and for several years I have been organizing private art programs for children, art camps, art workshops for seniors, and for the public in my community. I love being a mentor and sharing my experience as an artist with the young generation and with the general public.

I have partnered with the City of Calgary’s utility box program and worked on a public art project in 2017 which was created from my art in collaboration with the public art work created during the few art workshops I organized in my community.

In 2018, one of my art projects was sponsored by the Calgary Arts Development and I had an exhibit at cSPACE displaying one of my art installations called City Connections.

Creating that big installation was a big step in my professional development as an artist in order to explore a new three dimensional look of my paintings that were created in geometric constructivism style. I am interested further more in the future to continue building an original 3D display of my art work.

I believe that being innovative, staying focused on interpreting social issues in my art work makes me distinguished and brings the most value in my artistic practice.



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