An image of Charlotte Nixon

Charlotte Nixon

Charlotte Nixon’s love of teenage drama inspires her to write plays for today’s modern adolescent.

Brass sculpture of face and columns

Christine Pedersen

Christine is a full-time artist in metal and porcelain, creating one of a kind jewellery, sculpture, and centrepiece clay-works for the table.

Dick Averns' Validation

Dick Averns

Dick Averns’ multi-disciplinary practice recalibrates the commodification of space.

A photo of Brandon Hearty

Brandon Hearty

Brandon Hearty juxtaposes cutting-edge augmented reality technology with traditional painting and printmaking techniques.

Image of Bowness Bridge by Heather Urness

Heather Urness

Heather Urness is a printmaker and visual artist. Her current body of work explores the idea of layers and patterns while playing fast and loose with traditional printmaking techniques.

A photo of some more of Cory Imbery's work

Cori Imbery

Drawing, painting, and just plain creating is in Cori’s blood. Cori uses graphite and pastel pencils to create realist work that captures wildlife and many types of portraits.

A photo of a person wearing a tiger mask taken by Tim Nguyen

Val Duncan

Val Duncan is a performing artist in Calgary since 2008 with a strong interest in physical theatre, experimental, immersive and devised practices.

A photo of picasso style artwork by Asta Dale

Asta Dale

Asta Dale is a Calgary based artist who works mostly in acrylics and an abstract style. Asta’s work is created as a response to the complex world we live in.