Image of artwork by Sylvia Arthur

Sylvia Arthur

Sylvia Arthur is a visual artist who creates figurative drawings and paintings that capture glimpses of everyday life.

A collage of portraits with Cedna Portrait Stories logo

Cedna Portrait Stories

Cedna Portrait Stories is a portrait photography studio dedicated to empowering everyday people and bold business brands to embrace their individuality with compassion and courage.

An image of Yuliya Alagir

Yuliya Alagir

Yuliya Alagir, known professionally as Alagir, is an active internationally-recognized artist who fulfills her passion through two and three-dimensional art and design pieces.

Image of landscape painting by Mike Priaro

Mike Priaro

Mike Priaro is a Canadian landscape oil painter based in Alberta.

Image of Tiffany Wollman painting

Tiffany Wollman

Tiffany Wollman is a visual artist working predominately in oil paints, natural dyes, and coloured pencil, motivated by a sense of imagination and curiosity.

Image of artwork by Josh Gayle

Josh Gayle

Josh Gayle is a native Calgarian that’s practicing in acrylic painting and pastel realism.

Image of artwork by Michelle Ku

Michelle Ku

Michelle Wu is an independent artist based in Calgary that loves creating paintings, murals, illustrations, & animations.

An image of Farzaneh Azizpour

Farzaneh Azizpour

Farzaneh Azizpour is a freelance painter who specializes in working with colourful oil and acrylics. Her paintings focus on figurative expressive painting, portraiture and the human form, and have been showcased internationally.