An image of watercolour painting of mountain landscape by Sharon Post

Sharon Post

Sharon Post is a water media artist creating art using watercolour, alcohol, and acrylic ink. She prefers a mixture of both representational and abstract ink across her work.

A photo of Sheldon Zandboer

Sheldon Zandboer

Sheldon is an instructor, professional freelance musician, and the author of the instructional jazz book the Tao of Jazz Improvisation.

A photo of Aritha van Herk

Aritha van Herk

Aritha van Herk has been an adamant Calgary artist since 1983. Her writing includes fiction, non-fiction, commentary, poetry, and prose-poetry.

Comic style image of heart talking to itself

Amanjot Kaur

Amanjot Kaur is a writer. She loves to create patterns through her words while capturing perspectives through conversations.

An imag of cartoonized man wearing hat with hands in jacket pockets

Lyonga Mo-njombe

Md Lyonga is an Afro-rapper/singer/songwriter/Producer and Creator. He focuses on Afrocentric content in an attempt to showcase the urban beauty of multiculturalism in danceable tunes.

A photo of J. Paul Cooper

J. Paul Cooper

J. Paul Cooper is a writer. His articles, short fiction, and essays have been published in magazines, print anthologies, online literary journals, and newspapers.

A photo of Marie Bryce

Marie Bryce

Calgary-based Wild Storyteller Marie Bryce loves to tell personal, traditional and self-authored tales. Marie loves to interweave spoken word, movement and music into her performances.