Artwork entitled Detached Covid by Milena Vasquez

Milena Vasquez

Milena Vasquez is a self-taught photographer who uses her lens to capture Canadian life – in macro – finding stories and surprises in the tiniest details and objects of everyday life.

an image of artwork pan shop by arlee barr

arlee barr

arlee barr is a Canadian artist in Calgary, Alberta, working primarily with textiles, using hand and machine techniques to illustrate idiosyncratic stories and integrate naturally dyed and “found” fabrics in her work.

An image of Claudia Chagoya

Claudia Chagoya

Claudia Chagoya is a Mexican artist who’s artistic practice engages with topics such as the diverse, ingrained, misogynistic understanding of women prevalent in Mexican society, and the violence waged against them.

An image of Sanel Busuladzic

Sanel Busuladzic

Sanel Busuladzic teaches music and guitar to students that are curious and have a desire to learn. Lessons take place remotely via Zoom.

An image of artwork - Primary Data - by Kenzie Housego

Kenzie Housego

Kenzie Housego’s practice combines assemblage, printmaking, textiles, installation, and new media. Through her art, Housego seeks to investigate societal narratives as well as the narrative of objects.

An image of Val Lieske in a plaid shirt

Val Lieske

Val is a playwright, educator, performer, and spoken word artist. She is the founder and artistic director of Fire Exit Theatre and associate director of Ambrose Arts with Ambrose University.

An image of Sherry Kennedy singing alongside a bass player

Sherry Kennedy

Sherry Kennedy is a singer/song writer/recording artist/visual artist who is also a sought after vocal & performance coach. She offers in-person or online classes designed to help students improve performance & vocal skills.

An image of artist Maya Corona

Maya Corona

Maya Corona is an artist whose art and classes leave people feeling inspired by the magic of colour and eager to experience the joy that comes from creativity as a wellness practice in their life.

An image of the artist Emét


Emét is a Calgary-based indie-folk artist with influences ranging from Phoebe Bridgers and Hozier to Placebo.