An image of Olga Barinova

Olga Barinova

Olga is a children’s book illustrator based in Calgary. She likes to create quirky unique characters that educate and empower children and diverse cultures, and to incorporate a lot of detail in her work, as well as bright and vibrant colour-palettes.

An image of Olivia Johnson

Olivia Johnson

The emphasis of Olivia Johnson’s work is on bridging a connection with her Owo ancestry, exploring the intersection of abstraction and the discovery of lost identities. She works primarily with acrylic paint, ink, glass, and building material.

image of artworks by Kitiara Gariepy

Kitiara Gariepy

Kitiara Gariepy uses natural pieces from rocks, woods, and leathers and incorporates salvaged pieces from common wasted products to create art pieces.

Image of Toyin Lamas

Toyin Lamas

Toyin Lamas is an experienced performing artist, curator and arts administrator with experience in programming, community engagement and arts-based event planning and production.

An image of Hrachya Tokmajyan

Hrachya Tokmajyan

Hrachya Tokmajyan’s interest is making films in the realm of mythical allegory and subjectivity with an emphasis on striking hyper-visual storytelling and ethnographic symbolism.

An image of a piece of artwork created by Athena Cooper

Athena Cooper

Athena Cooper is a professional artist and therapeutic arts practitioner based in Calgary. Self-taught, her artwork is strongly influenced by her love of the vibrant colours and interplay of light found in stained glass.

An image of James Desautels

James Desautels

James Desautels’ accomplishments include live music performance on violin & fiddle, solo violin, string quartet, orchestral strings, soundtrack recordings, and original music composition for all media.

Black and white image of Hamlet the Clown

Hamlet the Clown

Need a clown for a birthday or to amuse crowds at the fair-grounds or trade fair? Walk-about is Hamlet the Clown’s forté.

Image of Bethany Vanderputten

Bethany Vanderputten

Bethany is an international artist, illustrator and designer with a focus on creating narrative portraits for the elite music industry.