Image of Felix Possak

Felix Possak

Felix Possak is a multi-instrumentalist, a multi-lingual vocalist, a comedian and a consummate entertainer.

An image of Norman Burnham White

Norman Burnham White

Norman Burnham White is a Calgary-based artist working mainly in acrylic painting and photography.

An image of Wilson Hui

Wilson Hui

Wilson Hui is a Canadian Photographer / Digital Artist with focus on photography. Hui’s main areas of interest include historic human landscapes and portraiture.

Image of artwork by Jimena Odetti

Jimena Odetti

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jimena Odetti is a visual artist and art educator based in Calgary.

An image of Ella Charette

Ella Charette

Ella Charette is an international artist and art teacher who focuses on both impressionism and contemporary abstractionism.

An illustration of a woman in traditional African dress

Marvit Ahanonu

Marvit Ahanonu is a Calgary based artist, designer and architect in masters training.

An image of Carlos Foggin

Carlos Foggin

Carlos Foggin is an orchestral conductor (founder of the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra), pianist, organist, composer and arranger.

An image of an audience in front of an orchestra

Polaris Centre for the Performing Arts

The Polaris Centre for Performing Arts is a 205 seat concert hall that hosts the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra and also offers up various rooms available for rent.

A promo photo of Wakefield Brewster

Wakefield Brewster

Wakefield Brewster is Calgary’s sixth and Poet Laureate. Brewster seeks to promote new and healing narrative through the visceral and engaging, vindicating and educating powers of poetry.