Image of Rocky Mountain Concert Band

Rocky Mountain Concert Band

The Rocky Mountain Concert Band Society consists of musicians who share their love of music through rehearsal and performance, community, well-being and life-long learning.

The Francophile and Francophone Center in Alberta

La Cité des Rocheuses

La Cité des Rocheuses presents artistic, cultural, and community-based programs for the Francophone community of greater Calgary.

Collage of images from GlobalFest


GlobalFest is a not-for-profit society dedicated to celebrating and showcasing Calgary’s cultural diversity and artistic excellence.

Image of wild mint blooms, non-cultivated plantsin daylight

Wild Mint Arts

Wild Mint Arts delivers workshops, performances, and classes with Indigenous performing artists locally and from around the world.

A performer in Unganisha


Unganisha is an annual African dance production that interconnects with the Unganisha Diaspora and Community Engagement Project.