An image of Sanel Busuladzic

Sanel Busuladzic

Sanel Busuladzic teaches music and guitar to students that are curious and have a desire to learn. Lessons take place remotely via Zoom.

A photo of Sheldon Zandboer

Sheldon Zandboer

Sheldon is an instructor, professional freelance musician, and the author of the instructional jazz book the Tao of Jazz Improvisation.

A photo of Aritha van Herk

Aritha van Herk

Aritha van Herk has been an adamant Calgary artist since 1983. Her writing includes fiction, non-fiction, commentary, poetry, and prose-poetry.

Comic style image of heart talking to itself

Amanjot Kaur

Amanjot Kaur is a writer. She loves to create patterns through her words while capturing perspectives through conversations.

An image of a self portrait sketch by Claudia Weigelsberger

Claudia Weigelsberger

Claudia Weigelsberger is a multi-disciplinary visual artist with a professional background in advertising art direction, graphic design, and a focus on site-specific and conceptual work.

A photo of Marian Mulligan

Marian Mulligan

Marian Mulligan is a mixed media artist that is inspired by nature and by the medium she is using at the time.

A photo of metal art pendant by Milt Fischbein

Milt Fischbein

Milt Fischbein is an independent jewellery artist and educator. He discovered his love of working with precious metals about 25 years ago and more recently, the art of filigree.

A photo of Chester Lees

Chester Lees

Radiating from her Welsh Celtic roots, Chester Lees’ paintings show deep emotional involvement with the starkness of the human condition and ephemeral mystique of nature.

A photo of Kenna Burima

Kenna Burima

Kenna Burima is a classically trained pianist with a flair for jazz, pop, garage rock, and every genre in between, the tool that she uses to express herself most purely will always be music.