A photo of a person wearing a tiger mask taken by Tim Nguyen

Val Duncan

Val Duncan is a performing artist in Calgary since 2008 with a strong interest in physical theatre, experimental, immersive and devised practices.

A photo of Laura Anzola

Laura Anzola

Laura is an artist based in Calgary working with animation, digital arts and design. Throughout her practice, She maintaina an interest in how technology and arts can work together.

A a sketch/drawing by Jill M. Armstrong

Jill M. Armstrong

Jill.M. Armstrong is a multidisciplinary artist and writer whose practice is about chasing and constructing the poetic image in whatever medium is appropriate.

A photo of person with their hair over their face and sunglasses on

Jane Trash

Jane Trash is a Calgary based multidisciplinary artist currently exploring the realm of puppet fabrication and film. Trash’s work explores the decline of our cultural value systems.

A photo of rock peaking through the ground in the shape of a heart by Barb Briggs

Barb Briggs

Barb is a photographer and filmmaker with a focus on narrative storytelling. In her photos, she capture moments in time and place, including images of found and temporary art.

A photo of Lola Adeniran

Lola Adeniran

Lola’s combines her journalistic background and moving imagery to tell real stories that investigate intersections of identity to help challenge systemic barriers that many artists face.

Digital art by Matthew Waddell

Matthew Waddell

Matthew Waddell is a digital artist and educator specializing in projection mapping, 3D animation and interactive media experiences.

A sepia toned photo from a coal mine by Royce Howland

Royce Howland

Royce Howland works in the medium of photography. His photographic artwork currently focuses on cultural landscapes, particularly of the Canadian and American West.

Photo of Kevin Jesuino

Kevin Jesuino

Kevin Jesuino is a Portuguese-Canadian Queer devised theatre-maker and social art practitioner.