A photo of an owl by Jerald Blackstock

Jerald W. Blackstock

Jerald W. Blackstock usess the camera, editing software, a formal education in painting aesthetics and a lifetime of fine art practice to reveal what lies beneath; the poetry of existence.

Wolf artwork by Dan Hudson

Dan Hudson

Dan thinks of his art as a form of visual anthropology. He maintains a project-based studio practice that includes painting, photography, video, sculpture and installation.

A photo of Nathan Hunt

Nathan Hunt

Nathan is known for his versatile and energetic voice work, he provides voiceover skills in productions from animation to radio commercials.

A photo of Chris Hsiung

Chris Hsiung

Chris Hsiung’s Hidden Story Productions helps people and organizations use documentary media as a tool to educate, engage and advocate on social issues.

Natasha Jensen image

Natasha Faye Jensen

Natasha Jensen is a research-based artist whose artwork centers feminine narratives in aesthetics, media, history and personal experiences.

Sally V Truss artist image

Sally V Truss

Sally V Truss is a singer-songwriter, a writer/editor, a film-maker; and producer of small and interesting projects.

Nicole Wolf artist image

Nicole Wolf

Nicole Wolf creates comics, editorial illustration and murals in downtown Calgary, where she works out of a generally messy home studio.

Leah Nicholson artist image

Leah Nicholson

Leah Nicholson is an award-winning Producer, Director, and Writer with Downtime Productions as well as the past President of CSIF.