Brian Batista artwork

Brian “Bunny” Batista

Brian’s practice focuses on fine art, mostly working in 2D media, drawing and painting. He also has experience in video production and animation.

Teri Petz artist headshot

Teri Petz

Teri Petz is a photographer and videographer with an interest in poetry and theatre.

National Music Centre Panroma Denis Gadbois

Denis Gadbois

Denis Gadbois’ photograph work presents everything all around him at once, in vivid color, in light – up, down, left, right, all-around – an inspiring 360° perspective constructed liked a world atlas and unfurled before you.

Lanre Ajayi artist headshot

Lanre Ajayi

A passionate storyteller who uses different mediums and styles, Lanre is an immigrant from Nigeria calling Calgary home. He is a multi-talented abstract expressionist who loves colours.

Sandra Sutter artist photo

Sandra Sutter

Sandra’s Cree Métis culture influences her every step through life. She is a well-known singer-songwriter and has performed at many different venues across western Canada.

Kim's painting of indigenous man with text that says UNITY and CROWCHILD


Kim’s artistic practice involves oil painting and mixed media paintings which are realistic in nature. She likes to paint portraits but often gives them a pop art interpretation.

A photo of Eunice Hau

Eunice Hau

Eunice Hau is a freelance filmmaker who has experience in a range of roles on set.