image of artworks by Kitiara Gariepy

Kitiara Gariepy

Kitiara Gariepy uses natural pieces from rocks, woods, and leathers and incorporates salvaged pieces from common wasted products to create art pieces.

Comic style image of heart talking to itself

Amanjot Kaur

Amanjot Kaur is a writer. She loves to create patterns through her words while capturing perspectives through conversations.

Troy Kokol artist headshot

Troy Kokol

Troy Kokol is an award-winning Canadian singer, producer and songwriter with over 250 cuts to his name in a variety of music genres.

Sandra Sutter artist photo

Sandra Sutter

Sandra’s Cree Métis culture influences her every step through life. She is a well-known singer-songwriter and has performed at many different venues across western Canada.

Kim's painting of indigenous man with text that says UNITY and CROWCHILD


Kim’s artistic practice involves oil painting and mixed media paintings which are realistic in nature. She likes to paint portraits but often gives them a pop art interpretation.

A photo of Jessica McMann with instruments

Jessica McMann

Jessica McMann is a Calgary-based Cree musician, contemporary dancer, choreographer, Hoop Dancer, cultural artist and arts administrator.