Dick Averns' Validation

Dick Averns

Dick Averns’ multi-disciplinary practice recalibrates the commodification of space.

A photo of Brandon Hearty

Brandon Hearty

Brandon Hearty juxtaposes cutting-edge augmented reality technology with traditional painting and printmaking techniques.

A photo of a person wearing a tiger mask taken by Tim Nguyen

Val Duncan

Val Duncan is a performing artist in Calgary since 2008 with a strong interest in physical theatre, experimental, immersive and devised practices.

A photo of Aritha van Herk

Aritha van Herk

Aritha van Herk has been an adamant Calgary artist since 1983. Her writing includes fiction, non-fiction, commentary, poetry, and prose-poetry.

Comic style image of heart talking to itself

Amanjot Kaur

Amanjot Kaur is a writer. She loves to create patterns through her words while capturing perspectives through conversations.

A photo of Marie Bryce

Marie Bryce

Calgary-based Wild Storyteller Marie Bryce loves to tell personal, traditional and self-authored tales. Marie loves to interweave spoken word, movement and music into her performances.

A photo of Doreen Vanderstoop holding a guitar

Doreen Vanderstoop

Doreen sings, plays guitar and tells stories of all kinds in the ancient oral tradition. Doreen also writes and recently signed a contract with Freehand Books to publish her first novel.

A photo of Leslie Sweder painting by the river

Leslie Sweder

Leslie Sweder is an interdisciplinary artist with a practice that includes public interventions, painting, collaborative drawing, photography and video.

A photo of Laura Anzola

Laura Anzola

Laura is an artist based in Calgary working with animation, digital arts and design. Throughout her practice, She maintaina an interest in how technology and arts can work together.