A photo of person with their hair over their face and sunglasses on

Jane Trash

Jane Trash is a Calgary based multidisciplinary artist currently exploring the realm of puppet fabrication and film. Trash’s work explores the decline of our cultural value systems.

An image of a self portrait sketch by Claudia Weigelsberger

Claudia Weigelsberger

Claudia Weigelsberger is a multi-disciplinary visual artist with a professional background in advertising art direction, graphic design, and a focus on site-specific and conceptual work.

A photo of Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor is a practicing dramaturg, working in both production dramaturgy and consulting directly with playwrights.

An image of a woman in an apron

Susan Fae Haglund

Susan Haglund’s fiber art includes materials; fabric, thread, paper, and found objects such as cutlery. Most of her work has a bird theme—she is inspired by nature and animals.

Bee by Jamie Gray

Jamie Gray

Jamie Gray’s focus is on sculptural and kiln-formed glass of a narrative nature, with current work centred on identity, roots pilgrimages, and the ways in which we view our identities through our mortalities.

A photo of Nikki Reimer

Nikki Reimer

Nikki Reimer is a poet, essayist, critic, artist. Their work has appeared on stages, billboards, public art exhibits, pop-up bistro menus, magazines, journals and anthologies.

Digital art by Matthew Waddell

Matthew Waddell

Matthew Waddell is a digital artist and educator specializing in projection mapping, 3D animation and interactive media experiences.

Photo of Kevin Jesuino

Kevin Jesuino

Kevin Jesuino is a Portuguese-Canadian Queer devised theatre-maker and social art practitioner.