An image of Sanel Busuladzic

Sanel Busuladzic

Sanel Busuladzic teaches music and guitar to students that are curious and have a desire to learn. Lessons take place remotely via Zoom.

An image of Sherry Kennedy singing alongside a bass player

Sherry Kennedy

Sherry Kennedy is a singer/song writer/recording artist/visual artist who is also a sought after vocal & performance coach. She offers in-person or online classes designed to help students improve performance & vocal skills.

An image of the artist Emét


Emét is a Calgary-based indie-folk artist with influences ranging from Phoebe Bridgers and Hozier to Placebo.

Image of Felix Possak

Felix Possak

Felix Possak is a multi-instrumentalist, a multi-lingual vocalist, a comedian and a consummate entertainer.

An image of Carlos Foggin

Carlos Foggin

Carlos Foggin is an orchestral conductor (founder of the Rocky Mountain Symphony Orchestra), pianist, organist, composer and arranger.

A photo of Sheldon Zandboer

Sheldon Zandboer

Sheldon is an instructor, professional freelance musician, and the author of the instructional jazz book the Tao of Jazz Improvisation.

An imag of cartoonized man wearing hat with hands in jacket pockets

Lyonga Mo-njombe

Md Lyonga is an Afro-rapper/singer/songwriter/Producer and Creator. He focuses on Afrocentric content in an attempt to showcase the urban beauty of multiculturalism in danceable tunes.

A photo of Vina After Dark band members

Dafydd James

Dafydd James is a neo-soul trio out of Calgary. They mix contemporary instrumentation with soulful jazzy vibes and captivating lyrics.