A promo photof The Lovebullies

The Lovebullies

The Lovebullies are one of Calgary premier party bands with its 1960s girl group surf vibe.

A photo of Hello Moth

Hello Moth

Hello Moth interweaves electronics with organics to make poetic electro-pop that is always deeply affecting.

The members of Flint & Feather

Flint & Feather

Independent Canadian performing artists Flint & Feather are a free-spirited husband and wife duo.

A photo of Denis Dufresne

Denis Dufresne

Denis Dufresne is a volinist, fiddler, guitarist, mandolinist, singer, songwriter, and actor.

A promotional photo of Donovan Seidle

Donovan Seidle

Donovan Seidle is the Assistant Concertmaster (violin) for the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.