A photo of Sheldon Zandboer

Sheldon Zandboer

Sheldon is an instructor, professional freelance musician, and the author of the instructional jazz book the Tao of Jazz Improvisation.

An imag of cartoonized man wearing hat with hands in jacket pockets

Lyonga Mo-njombe

Md Lyonga is an Afro-rapper/singer/songwriter/Producer and Creator. He focuses on Afrocentric content in an attempt to showcase the urban beauty of multiculturalism in danceable tunes.

A photo of Vina After Dark band members

Dafydd James

Dafydd James is a neo-soul trio out of Calgary. They mix contemporary instrumentation with soulful jazzy vibes and captivating lyrics.

A photo Erin Jenkins look at her reflection in the mirror

Erin Jenkins

Crystal Eyes are an Indie dream rock band with touchstones of psych, shoegaze, 60’s pop and 90’s grunge. Led by vocalist/guitarist Erin Jenkins.

Photo of Prashant Michael John with flute and guitar

Prashant Michael John

Prashant Michael John is a musician who pursues meaningful cross-cultural and cross-genre collaboration for compositions that have received awards and nominations across the globe.

Photo of Afuhmbom on stage


Afuhmbom is an Afro-soul/r&b singer-songwriter and producer based in Calgary. Afuhmbom fuses his musical influences and experiences to create a unique experience for his listeners.

A photo of Kenna Burima

Kenna Burima

Kenna Burima is a classically trained pianist with a flair for jazz, pop, garage rock, and every genre in between, the tool that she uses to express herself most purely will always be music.

A photo of Raj Rangayyan

Raj Rangayyan

Raj has received training in the Hindustani style of the classical music of India on the bamboo flute “bansuri”. He has given many performances in India, Canada, and Brazil.