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Rocky Mountain Concert Band

The Rocky Mountain Concert Band Society consists of musicians who share their love of music through rehearsal and performance, community, well-being and life-long learning.

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SpanicArts is an organization that gives support, creates connections, facilitates resources and provides a platform to Hispanic or Latino artists or artists that are inspired by the Hispanic and Latino culture.

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Calgary Songsmiths

The Calgary Songsmiths support both new and established songwriters in southern Alberta with workshops, resources, mentoring, opportunities to perform and educational sessions on different aspects of the songwriting business.

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Selak Music Studio

With over 30 years of teaching experience, Selak Music Studio offers various styles of music lessons in Calgary including guitar, piano, ukulele, and keyboard.

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James Desautels

James Desautels’ accomplishments include live music performance on violin & fiddle, solo violin, string quartet, orchestral strings, soundtrack recordings, and original music composition for all media.

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Wilson Hui

Wilson Hui is a Canadian Photographer / Digital Artist with focus on photography. Hui’s main areas of interest include historic human landscapes and portraiture.

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Marvit Ahanonu

Marvit Ahanonu is a Calgary based artist, designer and architect in masters training.

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Wakefield Brewster

Wakefield Brewster is Calgary’s sixth and Poet Laureate. Brewster seeks to promote new and healing narrative through the visceral and engaging, vindicating and educating powers of poetry.